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Thinking big ideas, shaping brand messages, content creation and telling compelling stories that capture imaginations across PR, Social Media, Influencer and Digital Platforms for consumer, celebrity, charity, lifestyle, sport, health, fitness and wellness sectors.


Are you brave enough to stand out?  Do you want everyone talking about you? Need help navigating unchartered media waters?  Or could crisis management be what you are after?

Securing traditional, high quality print, broadcast and online coverage for clients is the heart and soul of what we do.  In an ever change world we have proven to adapt, as required and produce innovative campaigns to ensure our clients are visible.

Our award-winning, imaginative and integrated campaigns have proven to build brand recognition and connect with target audiences.

We can look after all your media dreams whether you wish to become a retained client or require full communications or one off campaign support. Talk to us and discover how we can work together.


Providing expert support so businesses, organisations and individuals can grow their social media presence quickly and efficiently across multiple social platforms.  Social media can be a great amplifier and a targeted way to deliver messages direct to the consumer.

Complimentary to traditional PR methods and executed correctly, it is an instant and powerful tool. Some businesses view with caution as it has the ability to take an unexpected turn. We can guide you through the pitfalls.

Media Ambitions has the ability to accurately pinpoint the who, what and why about a brand which results in an engaged and consistently growing audience. Once we have created a plan you may choose to execute the plan with your team, or, as in the case of some of our retained clients, you may decide to let us go incognito and help you manage your platforms including responding to comments and messages, liking to increase engagement and raise brand growth and awareness.

Targeted advertising on social media is a great way for brands to achieve cut through and reach an interested audience. For some clients we take care of creating, posting and managing social media advert. We carefully build audiences for each campaign in order to reach specific key customer groups and build brand awareness, as well as manage adverts to track success and ensure optimum performance.


The ever-changing nature of the web forces us to work hard to keep our internet messaging on track. Brands trust our expertise, experience and knowledge to get the result they need in this uber competitive and crowded space. Internet stats from our digital clients demonstrates our effectiveness in delivering your communications.


The power of celebrities and social media influencers over consumer behaviour is undeniable. Media Ambitions has worked with celebrities since its inception and now also uses social media influencers to help raise product profiles.  It is important to engage personalities who are able to keep messages on-brand and aligned to your campaign’s goals to ensure a solid return on investment.

To assist with taking your campaigns to the next level please get in touch.